"I created Dirt Floor Denim Company because I didn't like the fact that I had to wear some guys name on my ass to fit in with the cool kids. So I decided fitting in wasn't cool. The truth is, fitting in is just another title for being a follower. I could never be a follower, I'm a born leader." Owner - DFDC

About The Brand:

We're human first, before race or skin color. We care about the human experience and the struggle. "DIRT" is a mindset for living life on the edge! Live your life with no regrets. Always respect other people and living things. Always demand respect for yourself and your family.

Stay positive, treat people awesome and Never be afraid to be different. Be the person you were meant to be, and then be greater! We are team DFDC, and we're not afraid to stand alone. But, we would greatly appreciate it if you stood with us. Peace

Team DFDC.